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Hearts and Minds Media

Hearts and Minds Media seeks to raise awareness and social change through talks, documentaries, and media. Started in 2013, it continues to commission research and reports into social issues.Hearts and Minds Media seeks to raise awareness and social change through talks, documentaries and media. By working with local communities and organisations we aim to promote social change and provide lasting impact for future generations. Working with the return learn gaming project ( to promote positive gaming; we create publications to inspire and inform. Infographics and art design by Retro Reloader ( and open faith resources to inspire ( Commissioning local projects. Investing in communities and societies. Documentaries on social problems and solutions. Lectures to debate and discuss on society, poverty and social change. Research and writings on social change and action research. 'Inspiring through action and education'

Our Approach

At Hearts and Minds Media, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of social media to drive meaningful conversations and bring about positive social change. Our team is committed to creating engaging content that sparks dialogue, challenges perspectives, and fosters empathy. We believe in the transformative potential of media in shaping hearts and minds towards a more inclusive and informed society. Through our documentaries, talks, and media projects, we aim to amplify voices and shed light on pressing social issues.

Latest News & Events

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Featured Publications

The Impact of Social Media on Community Engagement

Our in-depth analysis delves into the influence of social media on community involvement and collective action. We explore the role of digital platforms in shaping modern activism and driving social movements.

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